Circuit Design

500Mbps All-Digital True Hardware RNG in 65nm CMOS

For my final project in MIC610 for the Spring 2016 semester, I designed a true hardware RNG capable of generating random bits at around 500 Mbps. The circuit extracts entropy from differential oscillator jitter, and adds some additional non-deterministic bias through the use of a charge sharing circuit. The design is not polished and the randomness of the output has yet to be confirmed, but I hope to finalize the design and publish a paper on the idea in the near future.

250ps 16-bit Adder in GF 65 nm CMOS

During the Spring 2016 semester, my colleague and I designed and implemented a 16-bit adder based on the carry lookahead Kogge-Stone topology for a course midterm project. We were able to bring the propagation delay down to around 250 ps. We did not however extensively test the functionality of the circuit due to time constraints.


All of the source code for the projects listed below can be found on my Github page.


A course scheduler for UAE University students. Jadawil makes it extremely easy to schedule course timings during a busy semester. It also takes final exam conflicts into account. I built a basic version over the course of 2 weeks using Python, Flask, mechanize, and BeautifulSoup. The most difficult part of the project was scraping and parsing the course data - this is what I used mechanize and BS for.


A task tracker written during my internship at Schlumberger. The idea was for it to improve workshop efficiency by displaying current maintenance tasks for each technician on a large LCD display. I wrote it using Node.js and NW.js.


A scraping-based API for Dubizzle, a classified ads website based in the UAE. This project actually got me a job offer at Dubizzle!


A simple circuit simulator written in C++. I had ambitious plans for the functionality initially:

I ended up implementing only a small subset of the above as a course project.

Planning Phase

BTC Tunisia

An online Bitcoin wallet/exchange for use in Tunisia. Due to strict currency controls, it is impossible to send Tunisian Dinar out of the country. As a result, Tunisians cannot buy things online, or send money to friends and relatives abroad. I plan on releasing a MVP with some advertising to see if the idea has potential.